Recent Papers

  1. Sun-Yung A. Chang, Hao Fang, and C. Robin Graham, "A Note on Renormalized Volume Functionals" Differential Geometry and its Applications: to appear (pdf)

  2. Sun-Yung A. Chang and Yi Wang, "Inequalities for Quermassintegrals on $k$-Convex Domains", preprint 2011, to appear Advances in Math. (pdf)

  3. Sun-Yung A. Chang and Yi Wang, “Some higher order isoperimetric inequalities via the method of optimal transport”,preprint, to appear in IMRN.

  4. Sun-Yung A. Chang, Jiakun Liu and Paul Yang, "Optimal transportation on the hemisphere", preprint 2013. (pdf)

  5. Jeffrey Case, Sun-Yung A. Chang, "On fractional GJMS operator", preprint, 2014, to appear in CPAM.

  6. Sun-Yung A. Chang, Y. Ge, "Compactness of conformal Einstein manifolds in dimension 3+1", preprint 2014, in preparation.

  7. A. Ache, Sun-Yung A. Chang, "Sobolev Trace Inequalities of order four", preprint, 2015.

  8. Sun-Yung A. Chang, R. Yang, "On a class of non-local operators in conformal geometry", preprint, 2015.