Princeton Discrete Mathematics Seminar

Department of Mathematics
Princeton University

Organizers: Maria Chudnovsky, Zeev Dvir, Chun-Hung Liu, and Paul Seymour
Regular meeting time:  Thursday 3:00 - 4:00 p.m
Place: Fine 224

Spring 2015 Schedule

Feb 5: Alex Scott (Oxford), ``Colouring graphs without odd holes'', abstract.

Feb 12: Guangda Hu (Princeton), ``Sylvester-Gallai for arrangements of subspaces'', abstract.

Feb 19: Luke Postle (Waterloo), ``5-critical triangle-free graphs'', abstract.

Feb 26: Ruidong Wang (Georgia Tech), ``Dimension and matchings in comparability and incomparability graphs'', abstract.

Mar 5: talk postponed (weather)

Mar 12: Krzysztof Choromanski (Google Research), ``New advances in the Erdos-Hajnal conjecture'', abstract.

Mar 19: Alex Scott (Oxford), ``On a problem of Erdos and Moser'', abstract.

Mar 26: No seminar.

Apr 2: Luca Moci (Jussieu, U Paris 7), ``Arithmetic Tutte polynomials and quasi-polynomials'', abstract.

Apr 9: Abhishek Bhowmick (UT Austin), ``The list decoding radius of Reed-Muller codes over small fields'', abstract.

Apr 16: Ori Parzanchevski (IAS), ``Spectral theory of simplicial complexes'', abstract.

Apr 23: Noam Solomon (Tel Aviv U), ``Incidences between points and lines and extremal configuration of lines in Euclidean spaces'', abstract.

Apr 30: Simao Herdade (Rutgers), ``Stability results in additive combinatorics and graph theory'', abstract.

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