Princeton Discrete Mathematics Seminar

Department of Mathematics
Princeton University

Organizers: Noga Alon, Matija Bucić, Maria Chudnovsky, Zeev Dvir, and Paul Seymour
Time:  Thursday 3:00 - 4:00
Place: Fine 224

Spring 2024

Feb 1: Nicolas Trotignon (CNRS, ENS de Lyon), ``A tamed family of triangle-free graphs with unbounded chromatic number'', abstract.

Feb 8: Alex Scott (U Oxford), ``Reconstructing shredded random matrices'', abstract.

Feb 15: Maria-Romina Ivan (U Cambridge), ``A Ramsey characterisation of eventually periodic words'', abstract.

Feb 22: Victor Reis (IAS), ``The subspace flatness conjecture and faster integer programming'', abstract.

Feb 29: Michael Simkin (MIT), ``The number of n-queens configurations'', abstract.

Mar 7: Bhargav Narayanan (Rutgers), ``Random reconstruction in two dimensions'', abstract.

Mar 14: Spring recess

Mar 21: Daniel Zhu , ``Local limit theorem for joint subgraph counts'', abstract.

Mar 28: James Davies (U Cambridge), ``Distances in colourings of the plane'', abstract.

Apr 4: Linda Cook (IBS, Daijeon), ``A polynomial strengthening of the Kühn-Osthus theorem'', abstract.

Apr 11: Micha Christoph (ETH Zurich), ``Resolution of the Kohayakawa-Kreuter conjecture'', abstract.

Apr 18: Jinyoung Park (NYU), ``Lipschitz functions on expanders'', abstract.

Apr 25: Alp Muyesser (UCL)

May 2: Istvan Tomon (Ůmea U)

Fall 2024

Sep 5:

Sep 12: Stoyan Dimitrov (Rutgers)

Sep 19: Sahar Diskin (Tel Aviv U)

Sep 26:

Oct 3:

Oct 10:

Oct 17: Fall recess

Oct 24:

Oct 31:

Nov 7:

Nov 14:

Nov 21:

Nov 28: Thanksgiving recess

Dec 5:

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