Princeton Discrete Mathematics Seminar

Department of Mathematics
Princeton University

Organizers: Noga Alon, Matija Bucić, Maria Chudnovsky, Zeev Dvir, and Paul Seymour
Time:  Thursday 3:00 - 4:00
Place: Fine 224

Spring 2023

Feb 9: Domagoj Bradac (ETH Zurich), ``The Turan number of the grid'', abstract.

Feb 16: Or Zamir (Princeton and IAS), ``Random k-out subgraphs'', abstract.

Feb 23: Delaram Kahrobaei (CUNY), ``NP-complete problems in graph groups and connection to post-quantum cryptography'', abstract.

Mar 2: Tuuka Korhonen (U. Bergen), ``An improved parameterized algorithm for treewidth'', abstract.

Mar 9: Colin Defant (MIT), ``Ungarian Markov chains'', abstract.

Mar 16: spring recess

Mar 23: Nina Kamcev, ``The Turán density of tight cycles in three-uniform hypergraphs'', abstract.

Mar 30: Igor Pak, ``Correlation inequalities for linear extensions'', abstract.

Apr 6: Talk postponed to April 11 (Passover)

Tuesday April 11: Tung Nguyen (Princeton), ``The near-Erdős–Hajnal property of some prime graphs'', abstract.

Apr 13: Liana Yepremyan (Emory), ``Ramsey graphs and additive combinatorics without addition'', abstract.

Apr 20: Ben Gunby (Rutgers), ``Antichain codes'', abstract.

Apr 27: Dmitrii Zakharov (MIT), ``Recent progress on the Erdos-Ginzburg-Ziv problem'', abstract.

Fall 2023

Sep 7: Peter Gartland (UCSB), ``Maximum weight independent set in graphs with no long claws in quasi-polynomial time'', abstract.

Sep 14: Dan Kráľ (Masaryk University), ``Matroid depth parameters and preconditioners for integer programming'', abstract.

Sep 21: Ryan Alweiss (Princeton), ``Hindman’s conjecture over the rationals'', abstract.

Sep 28: Cosmin Pohoata (Emory), ``A new upper bound for the Heilbronn triangle problem'', abstract.

Oct 5: Hans Yu (Princeton)

Oct 12: Jeremie Turcotte (Montreal)

Oct 19: Fall recess

Oct 26: Mehtaab Sawhney (MIT)

Nov 2: Ashwin Sah (MIT)

Nov 9:

Nov 16: Alex Scott (Oxford)

Nov 23: Thanksgiving recess

Nov 30:

Dec 7:

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