Princeton Discrete Mathematics Seminar

Department of Mathematics
Princeton University

Organizers: Noga Alon, Maria Chudnovsky, Zeev Dvir, Chun-Hung Liu, and Paul Seymour
Time:  Thursday 3:00 - 4:00
Place: Fine 224

Spring 2018 Schedule

Feb 8: Noga Alon (Princeton), ``Cayley graphs and list-decodable zero-rate codes'', abstract

Feb 15: Bhargav Narayanan (Rutgers), ``Hamiltonian surfaces'', abstract

Feb 22: Shay Moran (IAS), ``On the expressiveness of comparison queries'', abstract

Mar 1: Shira Zerbib (Michigan), ``Envy-free division of a cake without the "hungry players" assumption'', abstract

Mar 8: Oliver Schaudt (Köln), ``When is a graph not 3-colorable?'', abstract

Mar 15: Bernard Lidický (Iowa State), ``On large bipartite subgraphs in dense H-free graphs'', abstract

Mar 22: spring break, no seminar

Mar 29: Tinaz Ekim (Boğaziçi U.), ``Edge-extremal graphs under degree and matching number restrictions'', abstract

Apr 5: Jaehoon Kim (U. Birmingham)

Apr 12: Fan Wei (Stanford)

Apr 19: Alex Scott or Sang-Il Oum

Apr 26: no seminar (conflict with Barbados workshop)

May 3: Shenwei Huang (Simon Fraser U.)

Fall 2018 Schedule

Sep 13:

Sep 20:

Sep 27:

Oct 4:

Oct 11:

Oct 18:

Oct 25:

Nov 1: Fall break, no seminar

Nov 8:

Nov 15:

Nov 22: Thanksgiving break, no seminar

Nov 29:

Dec 6:

Dec 13:

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