Spring 2012

Feb 9: Krzysztof Choromanski (Columbia), ``New classes of tournaments satisfying the Erdos-Hajnal conjecture'', abstract.

Feb 16: Bill Cook (Georgia Tech and Princeton), ``The traveling salesman problem: a blueprint for optimization'', abstract.

Feb 23: No seminar (conflict with talks at IAS)

Mar 1: Claudiu Raicu (Princeton), ``Homology of clique complexes and an application to algebraic geometry'', abstract.

Mar 8: Ankur Moitra (IAS), `` Pareto optimal solutions for smoothed analysts'', abstract.

Mar 15: Ben Clark (Wellington), ``Tangles, trees and flowers'', abstract.

Mar 22: spring recess

Mar 29: Benjamin Matschke (IAS), ``On the diameter of polytopes'', abstract.

Apr 5: Jeff Kahn (Rutgers), ``Mantel's theorem for random graphs'', abstract.

Apr 12: Xiaoyun Lu (US Census Bureau), ``A theorem on plane graphs'', abstract.

Apr 19: Raghu Meka (IAS), `` Constructive discrepancy minimization by walking on the edges'', abstract.

Apr 26: Avi Wigderson (IAS), ``Points, lines, and local correction of codes'', abstract.

Fall 2012

Sep 20: Peter Nelson (Wellington), ``The Erdos-Stone theorem for finite geometries'', abstract.

Sep 27: Wesley Pegden (NYU), ``Apollonian structure in the abelian sandpile'', abstract.

Oct 4: Sanjeev Arora (Princeton), ``What have we learned about graph partitioning?'', abstract.

Oct 11: Hao Huang (IAS), ``Extremal problems in Eulerian digraphs'', abstract.

Oct 18: Shiva Kintali (Princeton), ``Directed width parameters: algorithms and structural properties'', abstract.

Oct 25: Manor Mendel (Open U Israel and IAS), ``Expanders with respect to random regular graphs'', abstract.

Nov 1: fall recess.

Nov 8: Endre Szemeredi (Rutgers), ``On the Erdos-Sos conjecture'', abstract.

Nov 15: Bruce Reed (McGill), ``How long does it take to catch a drunk miscreant?'', abstract.

Nov 22: Thanksgiving.

Nov 29: Josh Zahl (UCLA), ``A Szemeredi-Trotter theorem in R^4'', abstract.

Dec 6: David Pritchard (Princeton), ``Cover-decomposition and polychromatic numbers'', abstract.

Dec 13: No seminar.