Spring 2009

5 Feb: Hoi Nguyen (Rutgers), ``On simple additive configurations in random sets'', abstract.

12 Feb: Jan Hladky (Charles U and TU Munich), ``Square-paths and square-cycles in graphs with high minimum degree'', abstract.

19 Feb: Avi Wigderson (IAS),``Randomness extractors -- applications and constructions'', abstract.

26 Feb: Joel Spencer (NYU), ``Finding Lovasz' needle in an exponential haystack'', abstract.

5 Mar: Zeev Dvir (IAS), ``New bounds on the size of Kakeya sets in finite fields'', abstract.

12 Mar: Van Vu (Rutgers), ``Inverse Littlewood-Offord theory, smooth analysis and the circular law'', abstract.

26 Mar: Po-Shen Loh (Princeton and UCLA), ``Avoiding small subgraphs in Achlioptas processes'', abstract.

3 Apr: Jeff Kahn (Rutgers), ``The number of 3-SAT functions'', abstract.

9 Apr: Bill Cook (Georgia Tech), ``Linear programming relaxations for the TSP'', abstract.

16 Apr: Boris Bukh (Princeton and UCLA), ``Geometric selection therems'', abstract.

23 Apr: Maria Chudnovsky (Columbia), ``Packing seagulls in graphs with no stable set of size three'', abstract.

Fall 2009

24 Sep: Sergey Norin (Princeton), ``Counting flags in digraphs'', abstract.

1 Oct: Yori Zwols (Columbia), ``Claw-free graphs with strongly perfect complements: fractional and integral version'', abstract.

8 Oct: Hamed Hatami (Princeton), ``Graph norms and the Erdos-Simonovits-Sidorenko conjecture'', abstract.

15 Oct: Matt Devos (Simon Fraser), ``On the Schrijver-Seymour conjecture'', abstract.

22 Oct: Wesley Pegden (Rutgers), ``Applying a local lemma to Thue games'', abstract.

29 Oct: Julia Wolf (Rutgers), ``The minimum number of monochromatic 4-term progressions'', abstract.

12 Nov: Andrew King (Columbia), ``Fractional total colourings of graphs of high girth'', abstract.

19 Nov: Peter Winkler (Dartmouth), ``Scheduling, percolation, and the worm order'', abstract.

2 Dec: Maria Chudnovsky (Columbia), ``A splitter theorem for induced subgraphs'', abstract.

10 Dec: Gabor Kun (IAS), ``Proof of the Bollobas-Catlin-Eldridge conjecture'', abstract.

17 Dec: Alexandra Fradkin (Princeton), ``The k edge-disjoint paths problem in digraphs with bounded independence number'', abstract.