Princeton Discrete Mathematics Seminar

Department of Mathematics
Princeton University

Organizers: Noga Alon, Maria Chudnovsky, Zeev Dvir, and Paul Seymour
Time:  Thursday 3:00 - 4:00
Place: (Fine 224) now online

Spring 2020

Jan 30: Yuval Filmus (Technion, Haifa), ``Hoffman bound for complexes'', abstract

Feb 6: Miklos Bona (U. Florida), ``A method to prove that the solution to some enumeration problems is a non-rational generating function'', abstract

Feb 13: Ander Lamaison (Berlin), ``Ramsey upper density of infinite graphs'', abstract

Feb 20: Pawel Rzazewski (Warsaw University) ``Fine-grained complexity of the graph homomorphism problem for bounded-treewidth graphs'', abstract

Feb 27: Nathan Keller (Bar Ilan University), ``The junta method for hypergraphs'', abstract

Mar 5: Frantisek Kardos (U. Bordeaux), ``Islands in planar graphs'', abstract

Mar 12: no talk

Mar 19: spring break

Mar 26: Nicolas Trotignon (online), ``Rankwidth, graphs on four vertices, and even holes'', abstract .

Apr 2: No talk

Apr 9: No talk

Apr 16: Dor Minzer, ``Oligarchy testing'', abstract.

Apr 23: Stephan Thomasse, ``Twin-width'', abstract.

Apr 30: James Davies (U. Waterloo), ``Vertex-minor-closed classes are chi-bounded'', abstract.

Fall 2020

Sep 3: Yufei Zhao (MIT), ``The joints problem for varieties'', abstract.

Sep 10: No talk

Sep 17: Daniel Lokshtanov (UCSB), ``Independent set on Pk-free graphs in quasi-polynomial time'', abstract.

Sep 24: Isolde Adler (Leeds), ``On the tree-width of even-hole-free graphs'', abstract.

Oct 1: Colin Defant and Noah Kravitz (Princeton), ``Friends and strangers walking on graphs'', abstract.

Oct 8: Asaf Nachmias (Tel Aviv), ``Uniform spanning trees of dense graphs'', abstract.

Oct 15: Alexey Pokrovskiy (Birkbeck Coll.), ``Rota's basis conjecture holds asymptotically'', abstract.

Oct 22: Benny Sudakov (ETH Zurich), ``The intersection spectrum of 3-chromatic intersecting hypergraphs'', abstract.

Oct 29: Sergey Norin (McGill), ``Hereditary graph families with exotic typical structure'', abstract.

Nov 5: Alex Scott (Oxford), ``Combinatorics in the exterior algebra and the two families theorem'', abstract, Zoom link, password will be mailed to the seminar and CLO list.

Nov 12: Janos Pach (Rényi Institute, Budapest and MIPT, Moscow), ``On the Erdos-Hajnal conjecture for ordered graphs'', abstract, Zoom link, password will be mailed to the seminar and CLO list.

Nov 19: No talk.

Talks may be recorded; if you do not want to be recorded you should not attend. For information about the seminar please send email to