Spring 2011

10 Feb: Will Perkins (NYU), ``Phase transitions of Achlioptas processes'', abstract.

17 Feb: Gabor Kun (Rutgers), ``Cops and robbers in random graphs'', abstract.

24 Feb: Robin Thomas (Georgia Tech), ``Color 6-critical graphs on surfaces'', abstract.

3 Mar: Zeev Dvir (Princeton), ``Rank bounds for design matrices with applications'', abstract.

10 Mar: Shachar Lovett (IAS), ``Linear systems modulo composites'', abstract.

30 Mar: Maria Chudnovsky (Columbia), ``Tournament heroes'', abstract.

7 Apr: John Conway (Princeton), ``The group number function: the number of groups of a given order'', abstract.

14 Apr: Robert DeMarco (Rutgers), ``Upper tails for cliques'', abstract.

21 Apr: Paul Wollan (Sapienza University of Rome and Georgia Tech), ``New proofs in graph minors'', abstract.

28 Apr: Alexandra Fradkin (Princeton), ``Tournament pathwidth and topological containment'', abstract.

Fall 2011

15 Sep: Matthias Mnich, ``Domination when the stars are out'', abstract.

22 Sep: Ron Aharoni, ``Erdos-Ko-Rado-like theorems for rainbow matchings'', abstract.

29 Sep: Benny Sudakov, ``The size of a hypergraph and its matching number'', abstract.

6 Oct: Eli Berger, ``On the strong coloring of graphs with bounded degree'', abstract.

13 Oct: Shachar Lovett, ``Existence of small families of t-wise independent permutations and t-designs via local limit theorems'', abstract.

20 Oct: Laszlo Lovasz, ``Subgraph densities in signed graphs and local extremal graph problems'', abstract.

27 Oct: Stefan van Zwam, ``Beyond total unimodularity'', abstract.

3 Nov: Fall recess

10 Nov: Jacob Fox, ``Graph regularity and removal lemmas'', abstract.

17 Nov: Shubhangi Saraf, ``Noisy interpolation of sparse polynomials, and applications'', abstract.

24 Nov: Thanksgiving

1 Dec: Noga Alon, ``The chromatic number of random Cayley graphs'', abstract.

8 Dec: Balazs Szegedy, ``On Sidorenko's conjecture'', abstract.

15 Dec: Zeev Dvir, ``Subspace evasive sets'', abstract.