Spring 2008

7 Feb: Dan Kral (Charles U), ``The circular chromatic index of graphs of high girth'', abstract.

14 Feb: Jacob Fox (Princeton), ``Ramsey numbers of sparse graphs and hypergraphs'', abstract.

22 Feb: Assaf Naor (NYU), ``Isomorphic uniform convexity in metric spaces'', abstract.

28 Feb: Robin Pemantle (U Penn), ``Run time bounds for a model related to sieving'', abstract.

6 Mar: Dan Cranston (DIMACS and Bell Labs), ``Star-coloring planar graphs with high girth'', abstract.

3 Apr: Janos Pach (City College and NYU), ``Points surrounding the origin'', abstract.

10 Apr: David Moulton (IDA-CCR), ``Averaging points two at a time'', abstract.

17 Apr: Xander Faber (Columbia), ``The finite field Kakeya problem'', abstract.

25 Apr: Doron Zeilberger (Rutgers), ``An elegant and insightful direct combinatorial proof of the arithmetical identity 4 + 5 = 2 + 7'', abstract.

1 May: Maria Chudnovsky (Columbia and CMI), ``The structure of bullfree graphs'', abstract.

Fall 2008

11 Sep: Vadim Lozin (Warwick), ``Boundary properties of graphs'', abstract.

18 Sep: Eli Berger (Haifa), ``On a conjecture of Linial and Berge'', abstract.

25 Sep: Alexandra Fradkin (Princeton), ``An approximate version of Hadwiger's conjecture for claw-free graphs'', abstract.

7 Oct: Jacob Fox (Princeton), ``Directed graphs without short cycles'', abstract.

16 Oct: Oleg Pikhuro (Carnegie Mellon), ``The maximum number of colorings of graphs of given order and size'', abstract.

23 Oct: Noga Alon (Tel Aviv and IAS), ``Eliminating cycles in the torus via isoperimetric inequalities'', abstract.

6 Nov: Philip Matchett Wood (Rutgers), ``On the singular probability of random discrete matrices'', abstract.

14 Nov: Adam Marcus (Yale), ``Entropy and sumsets'', abstract.

21 Nov: Melvyn Nathanson (CUNY), ``Quasi-isometries, phase transitions, and other problems in additive number theory'', abstract.

3 Dec: Robin Thomas (Georgia Tech), ``Coloring triangle-free graphs on surfaces'', abstract.

11 Dec: Paul Wollan (U Hamburg), ``Packing cycles with modularity constraints'', abstract.