Spring 2010

11 Feb: Natalia Mosina (CUNY Las Guardia), ``Graph/group random elements and applications to group-based cryptoanalysis'', abstract.

28 Oct: Hamed Hatami (Princeton), ``Friedgut's theorem for the continuous cube'', abstract.

4 Mar: Daniel Kral (Charles U), ``Algorithmic metatheorems for sparse classes of combinatorial structures'', abstract.

28 Oct: Jan Hladky (Warwick), ``Tree packing conjectures; the graceful tree labeling conjecture'', abstract.

25 Mar: Jason Morton (Penn State), ``Geometry of the revised Boltzmann machine'', abstract.

2 Apr: Assaf Naor (NYU), ``Overlap properties of geometric expanders'', abstract.

8 Apr: Alexandra Kolla (IAS), ``Spectral algorithm for unique games'', abstract.

14 Apr: Sebastian Cioaba (U.Delaware), ``Eigenvalues, connectivity and matchings in regular graphs'', abstract.

22 Apr: Robin Thomas (Georgia Tech), ``The circumference of color-critical graphs'', abstract.

28 Oct: Jacob Fox (Princeton), ``Large almost monochromatic subsets in hypergraphs'', abstract.

Fall 2010

16 Sep: Eli Berger (Haifa), ``Unfriendly partition of graphs without an infinite subdivided clique'', abstract.

23 Sep: Sergey Norin (Princeton), ``Asymptotic extremal graph theory is non-trivial'', abstract.

30 Sep: Irena Penev (Columbia), ``Bounding chi for graphs excluding the bull'', abstract.

7 Oct: Swastik Kopparty (IAS), ``Random graphs and the parity quantifier'', abstract.

14 Oct: Ofer Neiman (NYU), ``Nearly tight low-stretch spanning trees'', abstract.

21 Oct: Ido Ben-Eliezer (Tel Aviv), ``The size Ramsey number of a directed path'', abstract.

28 Oct: Amanda Redlich (Rutgers), ``Unbalanced allocations'', abstract.

11 Nov: Oleg Pikhuro (Carnegie Mellon), ``Hypergraph Turan problem'', abstract.

18 Nov: Noga Alon (Tel Aviv and IAS), ``Hypergraph list coloring and Euclidean Ramsey theory'', abstract.

2 Dec: Shachar Lovett (IAS), ``Higher-order Fourier analysis of F_p^n and the complexity of systems of linear forms'', abstract.

9 Dec: Andrew King (Columbia), ``Proving the Lovasz-Plummer conjecture'', abstract.

14 Feb: Harvey Friedman (Ohio State), `` Concrete mathematical incompleteness'', abstract.

16 Dec: Menachem Kojman (Ben Gurion and IAS), ``Choice numbers and coloring numbers - the infinite case'', abstract.