Spring 2013

Feb 7: No seminar.

Feb 14: Emmanuel Abbe (Princeton), ``Polar codes and randomness extraction for structured sources'', abstract.

Feb 21: Alex Scott (Oxford), ``Discrepancy of graphs and hypergraphs'', abstract.

Feb 28: No seminar.

Mar 7: Amanda Redlich (Rutgers), ``Graph constructions, graph decompositions, and random graphs'', abstract.

Mar 14: Tom Hales (Pittsburg), ``Informal and formal verification of nonlinear inequalities with applications to discrete geometry'', abstract.

Mar 21: spring recess.

Mar 28: Tony Huynh (Simon Fraser), ``Even-cycle decompositions of graphs with no odd-K_4-minor'', abstract.

Apr 4: No seminar

Apr 11: Vaidy Sivaraman (Binghamton), ``Transversal signed-graphic matroids'', abstract.

Apr 18: Esther Ezra (NYU), ``On relative approximations in geometric hypergraphs'', abstract.

Apr 25: No seminar

May 2: Ankur Moitra (IAS), ``A polynomial time algorithm for lossy population recovery'', abstract.

Fall 2013

Sep 12: Matthieu Plumettaz (Columbia), ``The structure of graphs with no cycles of length divisible by three'', abstract.

Sep 19: Maria Chudnovsky (Columbia), ``Three-coloring graphs with no induced 6-edge paths'', abstract.

Sep 26: Eli Berger (Haifa), ``The algebraic and topological properties of claw-free graphs'', abstract.

Oct 3: No seminar (Banff meeting).

Oct 10: Jeff Kahn (Rutgers), ``Turan's theorem for random graphs'', abstract.

Oct 17: Alan Sokal (NYU), ``Some wonderful conjectures (but very few theorems) at the boundary between analysis, combinatorics and probability'', abstract.

Oct 24: Natan Rubin (Jussieu Institute of Mathematics/Paris 6), ``On kinetic Delaunay triangulations: a near-quadratic bound for unit speed motions'', abstract.

Oct 31: Fall recess

Nov 7: Krystal Guo (SFU), ``Simple eigenvalues of vertex-transitive graphs'', abstract.

Nov 14: Dillon Mayhew (Wellington), ``Fragile matroids and excluded minors'', abstract.

Nov 21: Rani Hod (Georgia Tech), ``Component games on regular graphs'', abstract.

Nov 28: No seminar (Thanksgiving)

Dec 5: Noga Alon (Tel Aviv and IAS), ``Sum-free subgroups'', abstract.

Dec 12: Adam Sheffer (Tel Aviv), ``Recent progress in distinct distances problems'', abstract.