Princeton Discrete Mathematics Seminar

Department of Mathematics
Princeton University

Organizers: Noga Alon, Maria Chudnovsky, Zeev Dvir, and Paul Seymour
Time:  Thursday 3:00 - 4:00
Place: Fine 224

Spring 2019

Feb 5 (note the unusual day): Paweł Rzążewski (Warsaw U.), ``Finding list homomorphisms from bounded-treewidth graphs to reflexive graphs'', abstract

Feb 7: No talk

Feb 14: Ron Aharoni (Technion, Haifa), ``Rainbow independent sets and collapsibility'', abstract

Feb 21: Michael Krivelevich (Tel Aviv), ``Complete minors in graphs without sparse cuts'', abstract

Feb 28: Omri Ben-Eliezer (Tel Aviv), ``Finding patterns in permutations'', abstract

Mar 7: Jeroen Zuiddam (IAS), ``The asymptotic spectrum of graphs: duality for Shannon capacity'', abstract

Mar 14: Martin Loebl (Charles U, Prague), ``Cut-obstacles and robust ear decompositions'', abstract

Mar 21: Spring recess

Mar 28: David Harris (U. Maryland), ``Oblivious resampling oracles and parallel algorithms for the Lopsided Lovasz Local Lemma'', abstract

Apr 4: Daniel Reichman (Princeton), ``Contagious sets in bootstrap percolation'', abstract

Apr 11: no talk (conflict with Barbados meeting)

Apr 18: no talk

Apr 25: no talk

May 2: Guy Moshkovitz (IAS) ``New results on projections'', abstract

Fall 2019

Sep 12: Oliver Roche-Newton (RICAM, Linz, Austria), ``Growth, incidence bounds and affine group energy'', abstract

Sep 19: Igor Balla (ETH Zurich), ``The minrank of random graphs over arbitrary fields'', abstract

Sep 26: No talk (conflict with Waterloo meeting)

Oct 3: Fan Chung (UC San Diego), ``Regularity lemmas for clustering graphs'', abstract

Oct 10: Andrey Kupavskii (U Oxford and IAS), ``Concentration inequalities for finding rainbow matchings'', abstract

Oct 17: Yufei Zhao (MIT), ``Equiangular lines with a fixed angle'', abstract

Oct 24: no talk (Alex Scott cancelled)

Oct 31: fall break

Nov 7: Ryan Alweiss (Princeton), ``Improved bounds for sunflowers'', abstract

Nov 14: Marcin Pilipczuk (U Warsaw), ``Randomized contractions meet lean decompositions'', abstract

Nov 21: Carla Groenland (U Oxford), ``Cyclically covering subspaces'', abstract

Nov 28: Thanksgiving

Dec 5: Ron Holzman (Technion), ``On 2-colored graphs and partitions of boxes'', abstract

Dec 12: Xiaoyu He (Stanford), ``Ramsey numbers of link hypergraphs'', abstract

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