Spring 2014

Feb 6: Julia Chuzhoy (TTI, Chicago), ``Polynomial bounds for the grid-minor theorem'', abstract.

Feb 14: Alex Scott (Oxford U), ``Hypergraphs of bounded disjointness'', abstract.

Feb 20: Esther Ezra (NYU), ``Geometric discrepancy via the entropy method'', abstract.

Feb 27: David Moulton (CCR, Princeton), ``Maximal non-Hamiltonian graphs'', abstract.

Mar 4: June Huh (Michigan), ``Rota's conjecture and positivity of algebraic cycles in toric varieties'', abstract.
           (Joint with algebraic geometry seminar, in Fine 322 at 4:30.)

Mar 6: June Huh (Michigan), ``The tropical Laplacian'', abstract. (Joint with algebraic geometry seminar.)

Mar 13: Wesley Pegden (CMU), ``Between 2- and 3-colorability'', abstract.

Mar 20: spring recess

Mar 27: Jop Briët (NYU), ``Locally decodable codes and geometry of tensor norms'', abstract.

Apr 3: No seminar (conflict with conference)

Apr 10: Peter Keevash (Oxford U.), ``The existence of designs'', abstract.

Apr 17: No seminar.

Apr 24: Yuval Filmus (IAS), ``The structure of almost linear Boolean functions'', abstract.

May 1: Jacob Fox (MIT), ``The Green-Tao theorem and a relative Szemerédi theorem'', abstract.

Fall 2014

Sep 18: Doron Puder (IAS), ``Expansion of random graphs - new proofs, new results'', abstract.

Sep 25: Chun-Hung Liu (Princeton), ``Excluding topological minors and well-quasi-ordering'', abstract.

Oct 2: Noga Alon (Tel Aviv and IAS), ``Bipartite decomposition of graphs'', abstract.

Oct 9: Omri Ben Eliezer (Tel Aviv and IAS), ``Local and global colorability of graphs'', abstract.

Oct 16: Jie Ma (Carnegie Mellon), ``Coloring digraphs with forbidden cycles'', abstract.

Oct 23: Eli Berger (Haifa), ``Stein's conjecture and other fair representation problems'', abstract.

Oct 30: Fall recess

Nov 6: Ben Lund (Rutgers), ``Few distinct distances and perpendicular bisectors'', abstract.

Nov 13: Alex Scott (Oxford), ``Saturation in the hypercube'', abstract.

Nov 20: No seminar

Nov 27: Thanksgiving

Dec 4: Zeev Dvir (Princeton), ``On the number of rich lines in truly high dimensional sets'', abstract.

Dec 11: No seminar (conflict with Ellenberg's talk).