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Is there a curse of the Fields medal?

review of the paper "Prizes and productivity: how winning the Fields medal affects scientific output" by G. J. Borjas and K. B. Doran.

Book on Moduli of Surfaces --- close to ending project

Families of varieties of general type

I hope that this is now close to final form, though I am thinking about adding 2 sections to Chap 8 on projectivity and examples. Any comments, corrections or suggestions are most welcome.
Below is the 2017, July 20 version of my book. This is now obsolete, I leave it here since there are references to it.
  • Chapters 1--5 and 9--10
  • Hyperlink version (thanks to Sándor Kovács)

  • Algebraic Geometry Seminar

    CORRECTIONS TO: Lectures on Resolutions of Singularities

    corrections in PDF

    The structure of algebraic varieties -- talk at the 2014 Seoul ICM

    original slides, with additional comments based on the oral presentation in Seoul, in PDF


    MAT 416: Introduction to Algebraic Geometry

  • Topics for student projects in algebraic geometry
  • MAT 416: Homework for Algebraic Geometry


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    Seminar on Moduli of Surfaces --- Summer 1994

    Santa Cruz 1995

    Old Preprints