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Is there a curse of the Fields medal?

review of the paper "Prizes and productivity: how winning the Fields medal affects scientific output" by G. J. Borjas and K. B. Doran.

Smoothing algebraic cycles below the middle dimension

Lecture on "Flat pushforwards of Chern classes and the smoothability of cycles in the Whitney range" (with Claire Voisin)

Book on Moduli of Surfaces

This should be the final form, aside from small typos to be fixed. The theorem numbering is final, page numbers are not. There are many changes from the previous version.

Families of varieties of general type --- final version


Below is the 2021 version of the book. This is now obsolete, I leave it here since there are references to it in papers.

Families of varieties of general type

Below is the 2017, July 20 version of my book. This is now obsolete, I leave it here since there are references to it.
  • Chapters 1--5 and 9--10
  • Hyperlink version (thanks to Sándor Kovács)

  • CORRECTIONS TO: Lectures on Resolutions of Singularities

    corrections in PDF

    The structure of algebraic varieties -- talk at the 2014 Seoul ICM

    original slides, with additional comments based on the oral presentation in Seoul, in PDF


    MAT 416: Introduction to Algebraic Geometry

  • Topics for student projects in algebraic geometry
  • MAT 416: Homework for Algebraic Geometry


    Unless otherwise indicated, the files below are postscript files.

    Seminar on Moduli of Surfaces --- Summer 1994

    Santa Cruz 1995

    Old Preprints