At Princeton

  • Instructor, MAT 199/APC 199, Spring 2023.


  • Head TA, 18.02A, Calculus (multivariable), IAP 2020. Recitation notes.

  • Head TA, 18.02A, Calculus (multivariable), Fall 2019. Recitation notes.

  • Head TA, 18.01A, Calculus (single variable), Fall 2019. Recitation notes.

  • 18.02A, Calculus (multivariable), Fall 2018.

  • 18.01A, Calculus (single variable), Fall 2018.

  • Beta tester for MITx: 18.033x, Differential Equations: Linear Algebra and \(N\times N\) Systems of DEs.

  • 18.03, Differential Equations, Spring 2018.

  • 18.085/18.0851, Computational Science and Engineering I, Fall 2017.

I have also been involved in mentoring high-school students in math research through the Research Science Institute and undergraduate math majors through the Directed Reading Program.

At Caltech