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Journal Papers

The listed publications below are from different subfields, with different author ordering conventions. Articles marked by * indicate alphabetical authorship attribution.

  • * N. F. Marshall, O. Mickelin, A. Singer, Fast expansion into harmonics on the disk: a steerable basis with fast radial convolutions. To appear: SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing. preprint

  • P.E. Olofsson, E. Forslund, B. Vanherberghen, K. Chechet, O. Mickelin, A. Rivera-Ahlin, T. Everhorn and B. Onfelt, Distinct migration and contact dynamics of resting and IL-2-activated human natural killer cells, Frontiers in immunology 5 (2014).

Peer-reviewed Conference Papers

  • A. Adler, O. Mickelin, R. K. Ramachandran, G. S. Sukhatme, S. Karaman, The Role of Heterogeneity in Autonomous Perimeter Defense Problems, To appear in International Workshop on the Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics, 2022. preprint

  • Oscar Mickelin, Necmiye Ozay, Richard M. Murray, Synthesis of correct-by-construction control protocols for hybrid systems using partial state information, In Proceedings of the 2014 American Control Conference. Invited paper, “Best Presentation” award. preprint, presentation.