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. Controlling Unknown Linear Dynamics with Bounded Multiplicative Regret. Rev. Mat. Iberoamericana, 2021.

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. Projection-free nonconvex stochastic optimization on Riemannian manifolds. IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, 2021.

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. On Geometric Optimization, Learning and Control. PhD Thesis, Princeton University., 2021.


. Optimal control with learning on the fly. Rev. Mat. Iberoamericana, 2021.


. Robust Large-Margin Learning in Hyperbolic Space. NeurIPS, 2020.

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. Exploration of the sputum methylome and omics deconvolution by quadratic programming in molecular profiling of asthma and COPD: the road to sputum omics 2.0. In Respiratory Research, 2020.


. Forman's Ricci curvature - From networks to hypernetworks. In Compl. Nets., 2019.

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. Detecting the Coarse Geometry of Networks. In NeurIPS R2L, 2018.

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. Coarse Geometry of Evolving Networks. In J. Compl. Net., 2018.

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. Discrete Curvatures and Network Analysis. In MATCH, 2018.

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. Curvature-based Methods for Brain Network Analysis. Technical Report, 2017.

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. EGAD: Ultra-fast Functional Analysis of Gene Networks. In Bioinformatics, 2016.

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