Ian Zemke

Ian Zemke

Princeton Mathematics Department
Fine Hall, 304 Washington Rd,
Princeton, NJ, 08544


Fine Hall 1207


izemke at math dot princeton dot edu

Teaching: Autumn 2019: Math 350, Introduction to Manifolds

About me: I am an instructor at Princeton University. I finished my PhD at UCLA in 2017. My advisor was Ciprian Manolescu.

I study low dimensional topology using symplectic geometry.

My research is partially supported by an NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (grant DMS-1703685).

Here is my CV

Papers and Preprints:

1)      Concordance invariants with applications to the 4-dimensional clasp number (with Andras Juhasz)

2)      Transverse invariants and exotic surfaces in the 4-ball (with Andras Juhasz and Maggie Miller)

3)      Knot cobordisms, bridge index, and torsion in Floer homology (with Andras Juhasz and Maggie Miller)

4)      Knot Floer homology and strongly-homotopy ribbon concordances (with Maggie Miller) Accepted, Mathematical Research Letters

5)      Khovanov homology and ribbon concordances (with Adam Simon Levine) Accepted, Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society

6)      Knot Floer homology obstructs ribbon concordance Annals of Mathematics (2) 190 (2019), no. 3, 931-947.

7)      Stabilization distance bounds from link Floer homology (with Andras Juhasz)

8)      Distinguishing slice disks using knot Floer homology (with Andras Juhasz) Accepted, Selecta Mathematica

9)      Concordance surgery and the Ozsvath-Szabo 4-manifold invariant (with Andras Juhasz) Accepted, Journal of the EMS

10)  Contact handles, duality, and sutured Floer homology (with Andras Juhasz) To Appear, Geometry & Topology

11)  Duality and mapping tori in Heegaard Floer homology

12)  Connected sums and involutive knot Floer homology. Proc. London Math. Soc. (2019) 119: 214-265. doi:10.1112/plms.12227.

13)  Link cobordisms and absolute gradings on link Floer homology. Quantum Topology. 10 (2019), 207-323. doi:10.4171/QT/124

14)  Link cobordisms and functoriality in link Floer homology. Journal of Topology. (2019) 12: 94-220. doi:10.1112/topo.12085.

15)  Naturality and mapping class groups in Heegaard Floer homology (with Andras Juhasz and Dylan Thurston). To appear, Memoirs of the AMS.

16)  A connected sum formula for involutive Heegaard Floer homology (with Kristen Hendricks and Ciprian Manolescu). Selecta Mathematica, (2018) 24; 1183

17)  Quasistabilization and basepoint moving maps in link Floer homology. Algebraic & Geometric Topology, Volume 17, Number 6 (2017) 3461-3518

18)  Graph cobordisms and Heegaard Floer homology

19)  A graph TQFT for hat Heegaard Floer homology. Accepted, Quantum Topology.


1.      Ribbon concordances and knot Floer homology


1)      Some code for computing clasp number bounds: clasp.ipynb

2)      Some code to accompany Stabilization distance bounds from link Floer homology:

a.       A SageMath notebook to compute tau, Vk and upsilon of certain pairs of deform spun slice disks: slice.ipynb

3)      Some code to accompany Connected sums and involutive knot Floer homology.

                                                              i.      Macaulay2 code to compute involutive invariants of knots, and involutive tensor products: CFKI

                                                            ii.      Some examples which can be used with the previous file: Examples