Evita Nestoridi

Published/Accepted Articles

  1. Super-character theory and comparison arguments for a random walk on the upper triangular matrices (arxiv)

    To appear in Journal of Algebra (November 2018).

  2. Optimal strong stationary times for random walks on the chambers of a hyperplane arrangement (arxiv)

    To appear in Probability Theory and Related Fields (September 2018).

  3. Shuffling large decks of cards and the Bernoulli-Laplace urn model (arxiv)

    joint work with Graham White, to appear on Journal of Theoretical Probability.

  4. A non-local Random Walk on the Hypercube (arxiv)

    Accepted for publication by the Applied Probability Trust in Advances in Applied Probability 49.4 (December 2017).


  1. On the mixing time of the Diaconis--Gangolli random walk on contingency tables over $\mathbb{Z}/ q \mathbb{Z}$.(arxiv)

    joint work with Oanh Nguyen.

  2. Cutoff for cyclic adjacent transpositions.(arxiv)

    joint work with Danny Nam.

  3. Mixing time bounds for the Aldous-Broder Markov chain. (work in progress)

    joint work with Swee Hong Chan and Lionel Levine.

  4. Cutoff for the Bernoulli-Laplace urn model with o(n) swaps. (arxiv)

    joint work with Alexandros Eskenazis.

  5. Cutoff for random to random card shuffle. (arxiv)

    joint work with Megan Bernstein.

  6. Random walks on hyperplane arrangements and stopping times (arxiv)