Evita Nestoridi

As a graduate student at Stanford, I have been involved in a lot of mentoring programs! I hope to keep on mentoring! Mentoring is great!

Teaching Mentoring

I have been a Teaching mentor since 2013 and I have been organizing the mentoring program for the math department during the years 2014-2016. My job is to find teaching mentors for the graduate students who teach for the first time. I am also organizing discussions about the content of classes, grading policies, getting feedback and anything that concerns teaching.

Research Mentoring

During summer 2014, I was a mentor for the Stanford Undergraduate Research Institute in Mathematics. My role in this program was to introduce three math undergraduate students (Kevin Garbe, Randi Jia, Joseph Shayani) to research by helping them work on a particular project. They worked on a random walk on hypertori, trying to use new methods to prove a result that was already proven by P.Diaconis and Laurent Saloff-Coste. Their report and the work of the other participants can be found here.

Graduating Student Mentoring

I have been a mentor for the year 2014-2015 for the Graduating Student Mentoring program. My responsibility was to help first year graduate students with adjusting to the new environment. In 2016, I joined the Stanford EDGE mentoring program as a mentor to two first year graduate students.