Principal Investigator

  • Amit Singer
  • Postdocs

  • Marc Gilles (PhD Cornell)
  • Oscar Mickelin (PhD MIT)
  • Eric Verbeke (PhD UT Austin)
  • Ruiyi Yang (PhD U Chicago)
  • Sheng Xu (PhD Yale)
  • Graduate Students

  • Liane Xu
  • Andy Zhang
  • Liu Zhang
  • Research Software Engineers

  • Garrett Wright (Lead RSE)
  • Joshua Carmichael
  • Former Postdocs

  • Joakim Andén (now Associate Professor at KTH, Sweden)
  • Tamir Bendory (now Assistant Professor at Tel Aviv University, Israel)
  • Nicolas Boumal (now Assistant Professor at EPFL, Switzerland)
  • Kunal Chaudhury (now Associate Professor at IISC Bangalore, India)
  • Ayelet Heimowitz (now Assistant Professor at Ariel University, Israel)
  • Joseph Kileel (now Assistant Professor at UT Austin)
  • Ti-Yen Lan (now at Apple)
  • William Leeb (now Assistant Professor at University of Minnesota)
  • Roy Lederman (now Assistant Professor at Yale University)
  • Nicholas Marshall (now Assistant Professor at Oregon State University)
  • Amit Moscovich-Eiger (now Assistant Professor at Tel Aviv University)
  • Nir Sharon (now Assistant Professor at Tel Aviv University)
  • Yunpeng Shi (now Assistant Professor at UC Davis)
  • Justin Solomon (now Associate Professor at MIT)
  • Hau-tieng Wu (now Professor at NYU)
  • Teng Zhang (now Associate Professor at University Central Florida)
  • Former PhD Students

  • Afonso Bandeira (now Professor at ETH Zurich)
  • Tejal Bhamre (now at Apple)
  • Yutong Chen (now at Tudor Investment)
  • Xiuyuan Cheng (now Associate Professor at Duke)
  • Mihai Cucuringu (now Associate Professor at Oxford)
  • Jose Ferreira (now at Google)
  • Amit Halevi
  • Yuehaw Khoo (now Assistant Professor at University of Chicago)
  • Yuan Liu (now at Goldman Sachs)
  • Onur Ozyesil (now at Helm.ai)
  • Joao Pereira (now Assistant Professor at IMPA)
  • Lanhui Wang (now at Gilead)
  • Zhizhen Zhao (now Associate Professor at UIUC)