Sergiu Klainerman

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Myths, Facts and Dreams in General Relativity
This is my own version od a lecture with a similar title of M. Dafermos, delivered at Stony Brook. (September 20010) .
Brief History of the Vectorfield methos
This is a special lecture in honour of F. John's 100 anniversary. (November 20010) .
Linear Stability of Black Holes
This is a Bourbaki seminar on the work of Dafermos-Rodnianski. (November 2009) .
Cosmic Censorship and other great mathematical challenges of General Relativity
This is a general lecture delivered at the international conference `` Beyond Einstein'' in Mainz, September 2008.
Geometric and Fourier Methods in Nonlinear Wave Equations
The set of lectures delivered at the IPAM workshop in Oscillatory Integrals and PDE' March 19-25 2001, UCLA.
Great Problems In Nonlinear Evolution Equations (Power Point Presentation)
This is another philosophical lecture delivered at the AMS Millenium Conference in Los Angeles, August, 2000.
Some General Remarks on Nonlinear PDEs (Power Point Presentation)
Geometric and Fourier Methods in Nonlinear Wave Equations (Lecture in Tel-Aviv, Aug, 1999).
PDE as a Unified Subject (Power Point Presentation)
This is a philosophical essay reflecting my personal views about PDE's. Published in the proceedings of the conference `` Visions in Mathematics'' Tel Aviv 1999.