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General Relativity and Analysis at Princeton

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Our Mission

To consolidate the strength of the mathematics department in Analysis, Geometry and PDE’s related to mathematical GR.

To take advantage of and contribute to the revival of scientific interest in GR within both the mathematics and physics communities as well as to foster closer collaboration, consultation and synergy between them.

To reach out across the usual departmental barriers to train a new generation of graduate students and postdocs with interdisciplinary skills, strongly rooted in the physical, mathematical and computational aspects of gravity and cosmology.

To consolidate and expand the strength of the two departments in theoretical and numerical relativity, as well as cosmology, by developing our young talent and attracting new ones.

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During the past year the center has been strengthened by two happy events: Mihalis Dafermos has joined the Princeton Mathematics Department, as well as GRAP, and Igor Rodnianski has returned from MIT after an absence of two years.

Boris Ettinger also joined us as a research associate. Boris obtained his PhD from UC Berkeley in 2013.

During this semester we plan to continue our monthly activities. A schedule will be published soon.

Our usual annual meeting, which in the last two years took place in Miami, FL, will take place this year in Berkeley, CA as part of the MSRI program in General Relativity. Check this website at the end of September for details.

COMING SOON: a list of publications from our members!



Princeton People:


  • Stefanos Aretakis
  • Boris Ettinger

Associated external consultants