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Focused Research Group (FRG)

Princeton University
Mathematics Department

1108 Fine Hall
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General relativity workshop
Miami University
January 10-13

This is our first annual workshop. The  main goal is to  bring the members of the group together with their graduate students  and postdocs to discuss various issues connected to the proposal.  We also plan to develop  a long term relationship with the researchers at the University of Miami and to make use of the local scientific resources.

Welcome to the Focused Research Group (FRG) in General Relativity funded by the Division of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) of the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Our FRG group, dedicated to the problem of gravitational collapse in general relativity,
includes three faculty members of the  mathematics department  and one in the physics
department of Princeton University as principal investigators plus  three foreign associates.

On the scientific side, the project focuses on four related problems  connected with gravitational collapse.   On the broad impact side, it aims at establishing links between practitioners of  General Relativity in the Mathematics and Physics Departments, fostering connections with the subject of Numerical Relativity   and making global connections to leading  mathematical centers in France and the  UK.    Our long term ambition is to  develop a vibrant   school of mathematical   General Relativity in the US.



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