Friday (9th December)

Arrival day.


9:00: Presentation of open problems. Here is a link to the problems so far submitted, maintained by Tung Nguyen.


9:00: Presentation of open problems continued.
10:40: Matija Bucic, ``Towards Erdos-Hajnal for excluding P_5''
3:00: Tung Nguyen, ``A loglog towards Erdos-Hajnal''
4:00: Jim Geelen, ``Ramsey's theorem for matroids''
5:00: Kevin Hendrey, progress report.


9:00: James Davies, ``Colouring the odd distance graph in the plane''
10:00: Maria Chudnovsky, ``Induced subgraphs and tree-width''
3:00: Sepehr Hajebi, ``Forests in even-hole-free graphs of large tree-width''
4:00: Sergey Norin, ``Degeneracy for Hadwiger"


9:00: Chun-Hung Liu, ``Proof of the minor characterization for defective colouring''
10:00: Claire Hilaire, ``Graphs without k independent cycles''
7:00: Sophie Spirkl, progress report.
7:10: Rose McCarty, progress report.
7:30: Eli Berger, ``Tree-decompositions with bags of bounded radius''


9:00: Marcin Pilipczuk, ``Computing max stable set in graphs with no long 3-claws''
10:00: Tara Abrishami, ``Partitioning even-hole-free graphs into two chordal graphs''
11:00: Edouard Bonnet, ``Computing max stable set in H-induced-minor-free graphs''
6:00 Barbecue


9:00: Freddie Illingworth, ``Product structure for excluded minors''
10:00 Marthe Bonamy, ``Edge-partitioning graphs into paths''
11:00 group photo
11:15 Raphael Steiner, progress report
11:30 Freddie Illingworth, progress report
3:00 Raphael Steiner, ``The odd Hadwiger conjecture''
3:45: Liana Yepremyan, ``Correspondence colouring in random graphs''
4:30: Chun-Hung Liu, progress report
4:45: Sepehr Hajebi progress report

Friday (16th December)

Departure day.

11:00 open problem by Sepehr Hajebi
11:15 open problem by Jeremie TurcotteĀ 
12:00 Maria Chudnovsky, progress report