2014 Barbados Workshop on Structural Graph Theory

Held March 28 - April 4, 2014 at the Bellairs Research Institute of McGill University, in Holetown, St. James Parish, Barbados.

For more information, contact the organizers, Bruce Reed and Paul Seymour.


Eli BergerUniversity of Haifa
Marthe BonamyUniversité Montpellier 2
Pierre CharbitUniversité Paris 7
Maria ChudnovskyColumbia University
Zdenek DvorakCharles University
Katherine EdwardsPrinceton University
Anna GalluccioIASI (Rome)
Greg GauthierPrinceton University
Bertrand GueninUniversity of Waterloo
Ross KangRadboud University (Nijmegen)
Peter KeevashUniversity of Oxford
Ringi KimPrinceton University
Chun-Hung LiuGeorgia Institute of Technology
Colin McDiarmidUniversity of Oxford
Natasha MorrisonUniversity of Oxford
Jon NoelUniversity of Oxford
Sergey NorinMcGill University
Sang-Il OumKAIST (Daejeon)
Guillem PerarnauMcGill University
Luke PostleEmory University
Matthieu PlumettazColumbia University
Dieter RautenbachUniversität Ulm
Bruce ReedMcGill University
Paul SeymourPrinceton University
Anastasios SidiropoulosThe Ohio State University
Juraj StachoColumbia University
Cathryn SupkoMcGill University
Stéphan ThomasséL'Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon
Kristina VuskovicUniversity of Leeds
Paul WollanUniversity of Rome
Hehui WuSimon Fraser University
Liana YepremyanMcGill University
Lena YuditskyMcGill University


Saturday (March 29) morning

Presentation of open problems; here is a pdf file of the problems presented.

Saturday afternoon

  1. Maria Chudnovsky: "Coloring excluding induced subgraphs"
  2. Juraj Stacho: "4-coloring (P6, C5)-free graphs is in P"
  3. Paul Seymour: "Elbow trees and a false proof that 3-colouring a Pk-free graph is in P"

Sunday morning

  1. Anna Gallucio: "HOH-free graphs"
  2. Kristina Vuskovic: "ISK4-free graphs"

Sunday afternoon

  1. Stéphan Thomassé: "News in 2013–2014"
  2. Luke Postle: "Edge-critical graphs with few edges and Øre's conjecture"

Monday morning

Peter Keevash: "The existence of designs"

Monday afternoon

  1. Sergey Norin: "Treewidth vs. separation number"
  2. Zdenek Dvorak: "Fragility of graph classes"

Tuesday morning

  1. Bertrand Guenin: "Structure of graphs with no K5 odd minor"
  2. Guillem Perarnau: "Spanning H-free subgraphs of d-regular graphs having large minimum degree"

Tuesday afternoon

  1. Paul Wollan: "Targeted A-paths"
  2. Chun-Hung Liu: "Structure of graphs with no H-subdivision"

Wednesday morning

  1. Dieter Rautenberg: "The induced matching number"
  2. Pierre Charbit: "Existence of edge-disjoint directed spanning trees"

Wednesday afternoon

  1. Eli Berger: "Coloring the faces of a plane infinite tree"
  2. Anastasios Sidiropoulos: "Approximating graph genus"
  3. Ross Kang: "Extending edge colorings"

Thursday morning

  1. Colin McDiarmid: "Bridge-addable graph classes"
  2. Progress reports (problems solved during the workshop):
    1. Sang-Il Oum: "The structure of graphs with no homogeneous set"
    2. Juraj Stacho: "The structure of P8-free graphs with girth at least 5".

Thursday afternoon

  1. Hehui Wu: "Dichromatic number and fractional chromatic number"
  2. Bruce Reed: "The cost of knowing your roots"