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Triple Code

To be able to correct, let's repeat every bit two times. The whole string is now three times as long.

Every time you flip a random bit now, you can not only detect that an error has been made, but you can try to repair it: if you see 101 then this must have been 111 before. Even if several random flips had taken place, it is unlikely that two of these would have fallen on the same triple, and so it is still much more likely that the 101 was 111 before than 000. Let's try flipping now. In the Altered Text area you see the results of the corruptions in the redundant file; for every triple in this corrupted file, the computer then takes the 'majority vote', and this is shown in the Corrected Text area; the next window gives the translation back to text. Please, input some words in the text window below and press return.

Bit Flipper for Triple Code

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