This will be a major international conference, held at Princeton University on May 4-8, 2009, in honor of the extraordinary research accomplishments of Charles Fefferman, on the occasion of his 60th birthday. In keeping with the breadth and influence of Fefferman's work, there will be speakers from a wide variety of fields in analysis and with applications for problems in in several complex variables, PDE, geometry, dynamical system and mathematical physics.

There will be an emphasis on the global overview of the power of analysis on mathematics in general, and also the interaction between analysis and different areas of mathematics and the role of this interaction in recent and future research directions. Specifically the goals of this conference are:


Jean BourgainRobin Graham
Simon BrendleCarlos Kenig
Luis CaffarelliBo'az Klartag
Peter ConstantinBruce Kleiner
Antonio CórdobaJoseph Kohn
Diego CórdobaLouis Nirenberg
Ingrid DaubechiesYum-Tong Siu
Camillo De LellisStanislav Smirnov
Jürg FröhlichElias Stein
Nina FeffermanTerence Tao