Stefan van Zwam's homepage


Assistant professor, Department of Mathematics, Princeton University.


I am a combinatorialist. I focus on matroid theory, in particular structural and algorithmic aspects of matroids representable over finite fields. In the past I have worked on sphere packing and on algorithmic game theory. See my research page and talks page for more details.

My research is supported by an NSF grant, Can we compare sets of points efficiently?

Google Summer of Code

For the summer of 2014, I am looking for a student (at any college or university around the world) to work on the Sage mathematics software, in particular on the matroid package. Go here if you are interested.


Together with Paul Seymour and Zeev Dvir I organize the Princeton Discrete Mathematics Seminar.


I write for the Matroid Union, a blog for and by the matroid theory community.


I am co-organizer, with Rudi Pendavingh, of the 2014 Workshop on Structure in Graphs and Matroids.


Phone: (+1) 609 258 1769
Office: 1010, Fine Hall