Sameer Iyer



Current Position: NSF Postdoc, Department of Mathematics, Princeton University. 

Mentor: Professor Alexandru D. Ionescu.

Contact: ssiyer at math dot princeton dot edu

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Brown University, May 2018 

Advisor: Professor Yan Guo.

My research interests are in Partial Differential Equations,

specifically Fluid Mechanics and Nonlinear Waves. 

Papers/ Preprints:

1. Steady Prandtl Boundary Layer Expansion of Navier-Stokes Flows Over a Rotating Disk,

   Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, [Journal], [arXiv]

2. Global Steady Prandtl Expansion Over a Moving Boundary, I,

    Peking Math Journal (accepted) [Journal], [arXiv].

3. Global Steady Prandtl Expansion Over a Moving Boundary, II,

    Peking Math Journal (accepted) [Journal], [arXiv].

4. Global Steady Prandtl Expansion Over a Moving Boundary, III,

    Peking Math Journal (accepted) [Journal], [arXiv].

5. Mixing in Reaction-Diffusion Systems: Large Phase Offsets (w. B. Sandstede).

    Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis[Journal], [arXiv]. 

6. Steady Prandtl Layer Expansions over a Moving Boundary: Non-Shear Euler Flows.

    SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis, [Journal], [arXiv].

7. Stationary Inviscid Limit to Shear Flows, (w. C. Zhou).

    Journal of Differential Equations (to appear), [arXiv]

8. Validity of Steady Prandtl Layer Expansions (w. Y. Guo).
    Submitted October 2018,  [arXiv].

9. Steady Prandtl Layer Expansions with External Forcing, (w. Y. Guo),
    Submitted October 2018, [arXiv].

10. On Global-In-x Stability of Blasius Profiles,
      Submitted December 2018, [arXiv].

11. Regularity and Expansion for Steady Prandtl Equations, (w. Y. Guo),
      Submitted March 2019, [arXiv].

12. Real Analytic Local Wellposedness for the Triple Deck (w. V. Vicol),
      Comm. Pure. Appl. Math (to appear) [arXiv].


Fall 2019: MAT 201, Multivariable Calculus, MWF 9-9:50 am (Princeton)