Sam Mundy

NSF postdoc at Princeton University. My Sponsor is Chris Skinner. When I was a graduate student at Columbia, my advisor was Eric Urban.

For an introduction to some of my research, here is a video of a talk I gave on my thesis in the Princeton/IAS Number Theory Seminar in April of 2020.
I am currently an organizer of this seminar.

Some papers

Eisenstein series for G2 and the symmetric cube Bloch--Kato conjecture. This is my Ph.D. thesis, which essentially contains the paper below. Besides what is described below, in this thesis I p-adically deform a certain Eisenstein series for G2 in a generically cuspidal family, and I use the Galois representations attached to cuspidal members of this family to construct a certain nontrivial class in the Selmer group of the symmetric cube of the Galois representation attached to a modular form.

Multiplicity of Eisenstein series in cohomology and applications to GSp4 and G2. In this paper I locate every instance of certain Eisenstein series in the cohomology of GSp4 and G2 and prove that my list is exhaustive. This is a first step in my thesis.

I have a math blog, and a blog about extreme metal.

I walked from NYC to Boston during the summer of 2018.