Shiji Lyu

Email: slyu [at] math [dot] princeton [dot] edu

Greetings! I am a PhD student at Princeton University from 2018. My advisor is Professor János Kollár. I obtained my B.Sc. at Peking University.
I am interested in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry, especially singularities in positive and mixed characteristics.

Papers and preprints:

6. (In preparation) Uniform bounds in excellent rings and applications to semicontinuity. Draft (2023)
5. The gamma-construction and permanence properties of the (relative) F-rational signature. arXiv preprint (2022)
4. On some properties of birational derived splinters. arXiv preprint (2022)
3. Appendix to Direct summands of klt singularities (authored by Ziquan Zhuang). arXiv preprint (2022)
2. The relative minimal model program for excellent algebraic spaces and analytic spaces in equal characteristic zero, coauthored with Takumi Murayama. arXiv preprint (2022)
1. Permanence properties of splinters via ultrapower. arXiv preprint (2022)
0. Deterministic Sampling of Expensive Posteriors Using Minimum Energy Designs. V. Roshan Joseph, Dianpeng Wang, Li Gu, Shiji Lyu, and Rui Tuo. Technometrics 61:3 (2019), 297-308

Conference and seminar talks:

March 2023

Algebraic geometry seminar, Stanford University, Stanford, California
Algebraic geometry seminar, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey

January 2023

Algebraic geometry seminar, University of Tokyo, Shibuya, Tokyo

October 2022

Commutative algebra seminar, University of Illinois Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

September 2022

Commutative algebra seminar, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah
Algebraic geometry seminar, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
Commutative algebra seminar, University of Michigan, online

June 2022

Algebraic Geometry and Singularities Learning Workshop & Conference (mini-talk), University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

March 2022

Southern Regional Algebra Conference 2022, Georgia College & State University, Milledgeville, Georgia

Last updated: March 2023.