Shaoyun Bai

Photo by Fanying Chen

I am a Ritt Assistant Professor at Columbia University. My research focuses on symplectic topology, though my research projects are related to or inspired by nearby fields, including low-dimensional topology, algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, and dynamics. Here is my CV.

I spent Spring 2023 at the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics as a short-term visitor. Prior to that, I was a postdoctoral member of the MSRI program "Floer Homotopy Theory" in Fall 2022, mentored by Mohammed Abouzaid. There is a short biography of me on Page 15 of MSRI's Emissary Newsletter. Before that, I received my Ph.D. from Princeton University in Spring 2022 under the supervision of John Pardon.

This website will be under a Columbia URL soon, and I gratefully acknowledge Princeton's math department to allow me to use the current URL until today!

Email: sb4841 [at] columbia [dot] edu


Slides and Videos from Previous Talks

Public Service

I am co-organizing Columbia Symplectic Geometry and Gauge Theory Seminar.

I am maintaining the AIM problem list on Floer theory of symmetric products and Hilbert schemes.