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MONDAY 3:15 - 4:15 pm

Fine Hall 314

**Please note special time and location**

Feb. 13

Raphael Cote,
Ecole Polytechnique/ University of Chicago

Description of the blow-up for the semi-linear wave equation
Feb. 20 Larry Guth,
New York University
Applications of multilinear restriction and restriction estimates
Feb. 27 Nobu Kishimoto,
Kyoto University
Well-posedness and finite-time blowup for the Zakharov system on two-dimensional torus
Mar. 5 Yoshihiro Sawano,
Kyoto University
Hardy spaces with variable exponents and generalized Campanato spaces
Mar. 12 Alex Iosevish,
University of Rochester
Finite point configurations, incidence theory and multi-linear operators
Mar. 26 Hans Cristianson,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Local smoothing and Strichartz estimates for manifolds with degenerate hyperbolic trapping
Apr. 2 Brian Street,
University of Wisconsin, Madison
The Frobenius Theorem, with applications to analysis
Apr. 9 Marcel Guardia,
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya / IAS
Growth of Sobolev norms for the cubic defocusing nonlinear Schrodinger equation in polynomial time
Apr. 16 Michael Lacey,
Georgia Institute of Technology
On the two weight inequality for the Hilbert transform
Apr. 30 Didier Pilod,
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro / University of Chicago
The Cauchy problem for the Benjamin-Ono equation in L^2 revisited (Joint work with
Luc Molinet)
May 7 Anne-Sophie de Suzzoni,
Universite de Cergy-Pontoise
BBM : a statiscal point of view
May 7 ** Joint with PACM, 4:30 p.m.,
Room 214
Jiahong Wu,
Oklahoma State University
The 2D Boussinesq equations with partial dissipation

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