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WEDNESDAY 4:30-5:30 pm
Tea served at 3:30
Fine Hall 314

**Please note special day, time & location**

Feb. 8

S. Zhang,
Princeton University

Congruent numbers and
Heegner points
Feb. 15 N. Templier,
Princeton University
How to raise harmonic families?
Feb. 22 E. Lindenstrauss,
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
On measures invariant under diagonalizable groups on quotients of semi-simple groups
Feb. 29 Jeremie Szeftel,
Ecole Normale Superieure
On the L2 bounded curvature conjecture in general relativity

**Thursday, Mar. 1
Fine Hall 1001
4:00-6:00 p.m. **

Jeremie Szeftel,
Ecole Normale Superieure
Additional lecture with more details on the subject of his Feb. 29 colloquium: On the L2 bounded curvature conjecture in general relativity
Mar. 7 J. Kahn,
Brown University
The Surface Subgroup Theorem and the Ehrenpreis conjecture
Mar. 14 Carlos Kenig,
University of Chicago
A case study for critical non-linear dispersive equations: the energy critical wave equation
Mar. 28 Gregory Margulis,
Yale University

Effective estimates in the theory of indefinite quadratic forms and in unipotent dynamics
Apr. 4 Jeremy Quastel,
University of Toronto
The Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation and its universality class
Apr. 11 A. Kiselev,
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Nonlocal maximum principles for active scalars
Apr. 18 V. Kaloshin,
University of Maryland - College Park
Arnold Diffusion via Invariant Cylinders and Mather Variational Method (joint with Ke Zhang)
Apr. 25 Trevor Wooley,
University of Bristol
Near-optimal mean value estimates for Weyl sums
May 2 T. Tao,
University of California - Los Angeles
Approximate groups and Hilbert's fifth problem

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