FALL 2010
THURSDAY 4:30-5:30 pm

Fine Hall 314

Sept. 30 Josh Greene,
Columbia University
The lens space realization problem
Oct. 7 Nathan Broaddus,
Ohio State

Homology of the curve complex and the Steinberg module of the mapping class group
Oct. 14 Jacob Rasmussen,
Cambridge/SUNY Stony Brook
Holomorphic triangle maps in sutured Floer homology
Oct. 21 Alexander Gaifullin,
Moscow State, Steklov Institute

On local combinatorial formulae for Pontryagin classes

Oct. 28 Kei Nakamura,
Temple University
Fox re-embedding and Bing submanifolds
Nov. 11 Lenny Ng,
Duke University
Transverse homology
Nov. 18 Igor Rivin,
Temple University
Somewhat simple curves on surfaces, and the mysteries of covering spaces
Dec. 2 Sa'ar Hersonsky,
University of Georgia
Boundary Value Problems on Planar Graphs and Flat Surfaces with integer cone singularities
Dec. 9 John Pardon,
Princeton University
Gromov's knot distortion
Dec. 16 Andy Cotton-Clay,
Harvard University
Holomorphic Pairs of Pants in Mapping Tori

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