FALL 2006
THURSDAY 4:30-5:30 pm

Fine Hall 314

Sept. 21
Yi Ni,
Princeton University
Knot Floer homology detects fibred knots
Sept. 28
Sucharit Sarkar, Princeton University
A combinatorial description of some Heegaard Floer homologies
Oct. 5
Tony Bahri,
Rider University
Stable decompositions of complements of complex coordinate subspace arrangements and generalized moment angle complexes
Oct. 12
Jacob Rasmussen,
Princeton University
Oct. 19    
Oct. 26
Jason Behrstock,
University of Utah
Quasi-isometric classification of graph manifolds
Nov. 2    
Nov. 9
Andras Stipsicz,
Renyi Institute of Mathematics
Nov. 16
William Jaco,
IAS and Oklahoma State
Please note special date:
Nov. 28
William Jaco,
IAS and Oklahoma State
Nov. 30
Dylan Thurston,
Columbia and Barnard
Dec. 7
William H. Kazez,
U. Georgia
Dec. 14
Saul Schleimer
Rutgers University