Joint PrincetonUniversity/Institute for Advanced Study
Number Theory Seminar

Fall 2004 Lectures

Regular meeting time: Mondays 4:30--5:30 
Place: Fine 322 or IAS (TBA)

September 27

October 4
Ronny Hadani and Shamgar Gorevitch,
Tel Aviv
Fine Hall 322
October 11
Jordan Ellenberg,
Princeton University
Arithmetic of towers of curves
Fine Hall 322
October 18
John Friedlander,
University of Toronto
Prime Numbers and Divisor Functions
Fine Hall 322
October 25
Guillaume Ricotta,
Universite de Montreal

Fine Hall 322
November 1

Chris Hall,
University of Texas at Austin

Uniform bounds for Serre's theorem for elliptic curves over function fields

Fine Hall 322
November 8
Karl Rubin,
Univ. California at Irvine

Elliptic curves and skew-Hermitian matrices

Fine Hall 322
November 15
Laurent Berger,

Fine Hall 322
November 22
Jean Bourgain,
Institute for Advanced Study

New exponential sum estimates

Fine Hall 322
November 29
Mahdi Asgari, IAS
Generic transfer to non-self dual automorphic representations of GL(N)
Fine Hall 322
December 6

Georgios Pappas, IAS

Fixed point formulas and modular forms
Fine Hall 322
December 13
Andre Reznikov,
Bar-Ilan University
Fine Hall 322