Group Actions and Automorphic Forms
Spring 2005 lectures

Regular meeting time: Tuesdays 11:30 am
Place: Fine PL

date speaker title
1 February    
8 February  
15 February
Emmanuel Breuillard, IHES
The asymptotic shape of metric balls in groups of polynomial growth, and pointwise ergodic theorems
22 February
Akshay Venkatesh, CIMS/Clay
Existence and Weyl's law for cusp forms
1 March
Tsachik Gelander,
Yale University

Uniform exponential growth, uniform non-amenability and uniform Tits alternative for linear groups (joint with E. Breuillard)

8 March
Boris Kalinin,
University of South Alabama
On smooth classification of Z^k and R^k Cartan actions
15 March
Thomas Ward,
University of East Anglia (UK)
Entropy and topological rigidity
22 March    
29 March
Werner Müller, Bonn/IAS
Limit multiplicities of cusp forms
5 April
Dave Witte Morris,
University of Lethbridge
Some arithmetic groups that cannot act on the line
12 April
19 April
Alexander Gorodnik, Caltech
Ergodic theory of semisimple lattices
26 April    
3 May
Omri Sarig,
Penn State University
Ergodic theory for the horocycle flow on periodic hyperbolic surfaces (joint with F. Ledrappier)
10 May
Dmitry Kleinbock, Brandeis University