Joint PrincetonUniversity/Institute for Advanced Study
Number Theory Seminar

Spring 2004 Lectures

Date Speaker Title Location
February 23
Note special time: 2:00 p.m.
Erez Lapid,
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Lower bounds for L-functions at the edge of the
        critical strip (after Peter Sarnak)
IAS Leibowitz Classroom S-114
March 1
Note special time: 5:00 p.m.
Michael Harris, Paris and Harvard
Congruences Between Stable and Endoscopic Forms and Arithmetic Applications (Work in Progress)
IAS - SH 101
March 8      
March 15
Note special time:
2:00 p.m.
Dan Ciubotaru, Cornell University IAS - SH 101
March 22 Abhinav Kumar, Harvard Fine Hall 322
March 29

Lior Silberman, Princeton University

On Quantum Unique Ergodicity for Locally Symmetric Spaces

Fine Hall 322
April 5 Arpad Toth, Eotvos University, Budapest

Symplectic Kloosterman sums

Fine Hall 322
April 12 Zhengyu Mao, Rutgers-Newark    Fine Hall 322
April 19 Harald Helfgott, Yale

The behavior of the root numbers in families of elliptic curves

Fine Hall 322
April 26 Ben Brubaker, Stanford Fine Hall 322
May 10

David J. Burns, King's College, London

On the leading terms and values of equivariant L-functions
Fine Hall 322


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