Number Theory Seminar


Fall 2003 is a Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer emphasis semester at Princeton.

Fall 2003 Lectures

Regular meeting time: Thursdays 4:15--5:15 (Tea served at 3:30)
Place: Fine 322

Date Speaker Title
September 25 Ravi Ramakrishna
Cornell and Princeton
"Constructing semisimple Galois representations with prescribed properties" (at IAS)
October 2 Chandrashekhar Khare
"Different types of Galois representations" (at Princeton)
October 9 Alexandru Popa
"Special values of Rankin L-series over real quadratic fields"(at IAS)
October 16 Kirsten Eisentraeger
"Hilbert's Tenth Problem for function fields of surfaces over C" (at Princeton)
October 23 Alina Cojocaru
"Reductions of an elliptic curve modulo primes" (at Princeton)
October 30
Fall recess
November 6
No talk, B-S-D workshop
November 13
Steven Sperber
Minnesota and Princeton
"On some singular exponential sums" (at Princeton)
November 20 Ye Tian
December 4 Manjul Bhargava
"Results and conjectures on the density of number field discriminants"(at Princeton)
December 11 no talk (Katz conference)