Topology Seminar


Spring 2003

Thursdays 4:30-5:30 pm
Fine Hall 314

Feb. 6

Jacob Rasmussan,
Harvard University

Floer homology and knots

Feb. 13

Feng Luo,
Rutgers University

 2-dimensional combinatorial Ricci flow  

Feb. 20

Adam Sikora
Institute for Advanced Study

Analogies between number theory and 3-dimensional topology

Feb. 27

Frank Quinn,
VPISU and Princeton University

Algebraic K-theory of poly-(finite or cyclic) groups

Mar. 6

John Etnyre,
University of Pennsylvania


Mar. 13

John Luecke
University of Texas at Austin

Mu transpososome:  a knot-theoretic look at an experiment by Pathania, Jayaram, and Harshey

Mar. 20



Mar. 27

Jean-Marc Schlenker,
Université Paul Sabatier

Hyperbolic Manifolds with Convex Boundary

Apr. 8 - Please note special date

Paul Melvin,
Bryn Mawr and IAS

The Milnor degree and quantum orders of 3-manifolds

Apr. 10
Apr. 17

Alejandro Adem,
University of Wisconsen

Fixity and Group Actions

Apr. 24

 Zoltan Szabo
Princeton University

 Knot Floer Homology

Apr. 29 -
 4:00 p.m., Fine Hall 110
Please note special date, time and location:

Baris Coskunuzer, Princeton University & 
Ken Baker

University of Texas at Austin

Report on Andrew Casson's Arkansas Lectures

May  1  (Please note - rescheduled from April 3, 2003)

John Morgan,
Columbia University

 One parameter families of Calabi-Yau threefolds

May 29 -
 1:00 p.m.
 (Please note special time)

Marty Scharlemann,
University of California at
Santa Barbara

Manifolds with planar presentation and the width of satellite knots



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