Topology Seminar


Fall 2002

Thursdays 4:30-5:30 pm
(Please note new time change)

Fine Hall 314

Oct. 10

Walter Neumann,

Surface singularities with homology 3-sphere links

Oct. 17

Nancy Hingston,
Collge of New Jersey

    Simple closed geodesics on surfaces.

Special Number Theory and Topology Seminar
Oct.24 at 3:30 in Fine Hall 214
Nicolas Bergeron,
Orsay, France

On the (co-)homology of real and complex hyperbolic arithmetic 

Oct. 24

Igor Rivin,
Temple University

Convexity in Geometry

Oct. 31  


Nov. 7

Peter Ozsvath,
Columbia University

Holomorphic disks and knot invariants

Nov. 14

Robert Meyerhoff,
Boston College

 The Hyperbolic Solid Tube Parameter Space

Nov. 21

Mikhail Khovanov
UC Davis

Link homology

Nov. 28



Dec. 5
 Yair Minsky,
SUNY at Stonybrook

Ending laminations and the classification of hyperbolic 3-manifolds

Dec. 12

Tom Farrell
SUNY Binghamton

Negative curvature and exotic smooth structures



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