Number Theory Seminar

Fall 2002 Lectures

Regular meeting time: Thursdays 4:30--5:30 (Tea served at 3:30)
Place: Fine 322 or IAS S-101

Date Speaker Title
September 26 Andrew Kresch
University of Pennsylvania
October 3 Hui Xue
Special values of Rankin L-functions (At Princeton)
October 10 (Please note time change) JoŽl BellaÔche
Congrueneces involving non tempered automorphic forms and Bloch-Kato conjectures (At IAS, 4:00 PM)
October 17 Darren Glass
Epsilon Constants and Orthogonal Representations (At Princeton)
October 24
A Special Number Theory and Topology Seminar. Time: 3:30, Place: Fine 214
Nicolas Bergeron
Orsay, France
On the (co-)homology of real and complex hyperbolic arithmetic manifolds
October 24 Muthu Krishnamurthy
Strong Asai Transfer to GL(4) via the Langlands-Shahidi method
October 31 Fall recess
November 5 Lucien Szpiro
A Mahler formula for dynamical systems on the sphere
(Joint with Algebraic Geometry Seminar)
November 7 Philippe Michel
IUF and Univ. Montpellier II
On the sign of Kloosterman sums
November 14 Jonathan Pila
Univ. Melbourne and IAS
Some problems on entire arithmetic functions
November 21 Gautam Chinta
Brown University
Quadratic twists of GL_3 L-series.(at Princeton)
November 28
Thanksgiving recess
December 5 Ling Long
Shioda-Inose structures of one parameter families of K3 surfaces (at Princeton)
December 12 Yuval Flicker
Ohio State University
Automorphic representations of a symplectic group (at Princeton)