Rahul Pandharipande
        Professor of Mathematics


A few lectures:

      Paris 1998, Séminaire Bourbaki report   [Rational curves on hypersurfaces]

      Berkeley 2002, MSRI lecture  [Moduli of elliptic curves]

      Beijing 2002, ICM lecture   [Three questions in Gromov-Witten theory]

      Seattle 2005, AMS Summer Institute: I, II, III  [Gromov-Witten theory in low dimensions]

      Berkeley 2006, MSRI lecture  [Tools for Gromov-Witten theory]

      Rio de Janeiro 2007, IMPA lecture   [Modern enumerative geometry]

      Cambridge (MA) 2008, Clay lecture, video   [Maps, sheaves, and K3 surfaces]

      Berkeley 2009, MSRI lecture  [Top Chern class of the Hodge bundle]

      Berkeley 2009, MSRI lecture  [Pairs, BPS states, and knot invariants]

      Lisbon 2009, Geometry summer school   [Quivers, curves, and the tropical vertex (with M. Gross)]

      Amherst 2010, AGNES lecture [Algebraic cobordism], AGNES article   [Open problem for AGNES]

      Zurich 2010, colloquium   [Algebraic geometry of moduli spaces]

      Berlin 2010, lectures   [Relations in the tautological ring (with A. Pixton)]

      Cambridge (UK) 2011, Newton institute lecture   [Why descendents?]

      Cambridge (MA) 2011, A celebration of algebraic geometry (Joe60), video   [Kappa classes]

      Zurich 2012, lecture   [Algebraic geometry of moduli spaces]