CANCELLED! 2020 Barbados Graph Theory Workshop

would have been held 27 March - 3 April 2020, at the Bellairs Research Institute of McGill University, in Holetown, Barbados.

For more information, contact the organizers, Sergey Norin, Paul Seymour and David Wood


James Davies, U. Waterloo
Michelle Delcourt, University of Illinois
Vida Dujmovic, University of Ottawa
Meike Hatzel, T.U. Berlin
Chính Hoàng, Wilfred Laurier University
Tony Huynh, Monash University
Nina Kamcev, Monash University
Peter Keevash, University of Oxford
Thomas Kelly, University of Birmingham
Rose McCarty, U. Waterloo
Bojan Mohar, Simon Fraser University
Peter Nelson, U. Waterloo
Luke Postle, University of Waterloo
Yingjie Qian, Georgia Tech
Bruce Reed, McGill University
Alex Roberts, University of Oxford
Zi-Xia Song, U. Central Florida
Maya Stein, Universidad de Chile
Jane Tan, University of Oxford
Stéphan Thomassé, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon
David Wood, Monash University
Liana Yepremyan, London School of Economics
Lena Yuditsky, Ben-Gurion University


Friday (27th March)

Arrival day.

Friday evening

Presentation of open problems. Here is a link to the problems so far submitted, maintained by Linda Cook and Sophie Spirkl.

Friday (3rd April)

Departure day.