Friday (April 5)

Arrival day.

Friday evening

Presentation of open problems. Here is a link to the problems presented, and notes on what we proved about them during the week of the workshop, maintained by Linda Cook and Sophie Spirkl.

Saturday morning

Open problems (continued).

Saturday afternoon

  • Maria Chudnovsky, ``Detecting odd holes''.
  • Jim Geelen, progress report.
  • Open problems (continued).
  • Sunday morning

  • David Wood, ``Planar graphs as a strong product''.
  • Zdenek Dvorak,``Fragility''.
  • Sunday afternoon

  • Rose McCarty, ``Polynomial chi-boundedness for circle graphs''.
  • Peter Nelson, progress report
  • Monday morning

  • Louis Esperet, ``Exact distance colouring in trees''.
  • Marcin Pilipczuk, ``Packing directed cycles quarter-integrally''.
  • Monday afternoon

  • Jim Geelen, ``Some strange and wonderful fish''.
  • Zdenek Dvorak, progress report.
  • Tuesday morning

  • Marthe Bonamy, ``Revisiting a theorem by Folkman''.
  • Fan Wei,``Counting cliques in K(t)-minor-free graphs''.
  • Tuesday afternoon

    Bartosz Walczak, ``An online approach to colouring frame intersection graphs.''

    Wednesday morning

  • Stephan Thomasse, ``The APX-dichotomy in graph classes''.
  • Nicolas Trotignon, ``Layered wheels''.
  • Wednesday afternoon


    Thursday morning

  • Chinh Hoang, ``Colouring even-hole-free graphs''.
  • Luke Postle, ``List-colouring graphs on surfaces''.
  • Alex Scott, progress report.
  • Thursday afternoon

  • Vaidy Sivaraman, ``Cop number and chromatic number''.
  • Sergey Norin, progress report.
  • Sang-Il Oum, progress report.
  • Friday (April 12)

    Departure day.