2018 Barbados Graph Theory Workshop

held April 20--27, 2018 at the Bellairs Research Institute of McGill University, in Holetown, Barbados.

For more information, contact the organizers, Sergey Norin and Paul Seymour.


Louigi Addario-Berry, McGill University
Marthe Bonamy, CNRS, Université de Bordeaux
Maria Chudnovsky, Princeton University
Linda Cook, Princeton University
Michelle Delcourt, University of Illinois
Matt Devos, Simon Fraser University
Cemil Dibek, Princeton University
Vida Dujmovic, University of Ottawa
Carla Groenland, University of Oxford
Hannah Guggiari, University of Oxford
Kevin Hendrey, Monash University
Chinh Hoang, Wilfred Laurier University
Gwenael Joret, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Peter Keevash, University of Oxford
Aurélie Lagoutte, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon
Chun-Hung Liu, Princeton University
Natasha Morrison, University of Oxford
Jon Noel, University of Warwick
Sang-Il Oum, KAIST
Marcin Pilipczuk, University of Warsaw
Luke Postle, University of Waterloo
Bruce Reed, McGill University
Alex Roberts, University of Oxford
Alex Scott, University of Oxford
Paul Seymour, Princeton University
Vaidy Sivaraman, University of Central Florida
Sophie Spirkl, Princeton University
Maya Stein, Universidad de Chile
Stéphan Thomassé, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon
Jan Volec, McGill University
Paul Wollan, University of Rome
David Wood, Monash University
Liana Yepremyan, University of Oxford


Friday (April 20)

Arrival day.

Friday evening

Presentation of open problems. Here is a link to the problems presented, and notes on what we proved about them during the week of the workshop, due to Sophie Spirkl.

Saturday morning

Presentation of open problems (continued).

Saturday afternoon

  1. Marcin Pilipczuk, ``Finding a maximum independent set in a P(5)-free graph''
  2. Bruce Reed, progress report

Sunday morning

Alex Scott, ``The strong Erdos-Hajnal property''

Sunday afternoon

  1. Vaidy Sivaraman, ``Pseudo-line graphs''
  2. Paul Seymour, progress report
  3. Jan Volec, progress report
  4. Kevin Hendrey, progress report

Monday morning

Stephan Thomasse, ``Finding clusters in R^3''

Monday afternoon

  1. Marthe Bonamy, ``Distributed colouring of planar graphs''
  2. Maria Chudnovsky, progress report
  3. David Wood, progress report
  4. Marcin Pilipczuk, progress report

Tuesday morning

  1. Paul Wollan, ``A grid theorem for vertex-minors''
  2. Alex Scott, progress report

Tuesday afternoon

  1. Chun-Hung Liu, ``Clustered coloring''
  2. Maria Chudnovsky, ``Four-colouring P(6)-free graphs''
  3. Sang-Il Oum, progress report

Wednesday morning

David Wood, ``Poset dimension and graph boxicity''

Wednesday afternoon

No talks (barbecue)

Thursday morning

Bruce Reed, ``Erdos-Hajnal for almost all graphs''

Thursday afternoon

  1. Luke Postle, ``Rapid mixing of Glauber dynamics''
  2. Peter Keevash, ``A new and immensely general theorem that... (ctd. p.94)''
  3. Stephan Thomasse, progress report
  4. Marcin Pilipczuk, progress report
  5. Kevin Hendrey, progress report

Friday (April 27)

Departure day.


This is a link to a set of photos of the workshop, taken by several people (I think Sang-Il Oum, Carla Groenland, Jon Noel, and Vida) and compiled by Vida Dujmovic. This, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this are from Cemil Dibek. And this is from Maria Chudnovsky.