Choosing a Calculus Course

See the Placement Information for Undergraduates. These are guidelines, not rules.

If you think MAT 104 is too hard

Try an old final exam in MAT 103. If you can do most of the problems with confidence, you should stay in MAT 104. Otherwise, you may want to switch to MAT 103 or MAT 101.

If you think MAT 104 is too easy

We have designed MAT 103--104 as a beginning calculus course. But the division between MAT 103 and MAT 104 does not correspond to the division between AB calculus and BC calculus. Entering MAT 104 in the fall, you may well find that you have already learned the material in the first three weeks. But before switching up to a 200-level course, first try an old final exam and then check the answers. If you did not do quite well, you should stay in MAT 104.

If you want to switch courses

Talk with your MAT 104 teacher. You may also want to talk with the teacher in charge of the other course. If you are going to switch, do it soon!

If you want to switch sections within MAT 104

If you have a time conflict, there is no problem. If you want to switch to another section at the same time, be prepared for a possible refusal -- the instructor may not have room conveniently for another student. Course and section changes must be made through SCORE.

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