Combinatorial Mathematics (MAT 377)

Noga Alon (first name initial followed by last name at math dot princeton dot edu)
Fall 2022-2023, Tuesday and Thursday 11:00-12:20, Fine Hall 314
TA: Aleksa Milojevic, Lucas Oliveira

The main webpage of the course:

Course syllabus:

The course covers the basic combinatorial techniques as well as introduction to more advanced ones. The topics discussed include elementary counting, the pigeonhole principle, counting spanning trees, Inclusion-Exclusion, generating functions, Ramsey Theory, Extremal Combinatorics, Linear Algebra in Combinatorics, introduction to the probabilistic method, spectral graph theory, topological methods in combinatorics. A more detailed syllabus appears in Canvas, lecture notes that will be used during the term are also posted there (see notes2.pdf in files).


MAT 202 (Linear Algebra with Applications) or equivalent. Some knowledge in Probability will be helpful but is not a must.


5 Homework assignments (30 %)
1 take-home midterm exam (30 %)
1 take-home final exam (40 %)