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Micah Warren

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Placement Officer

Department of Mathematics
Fine Hall, Washington Road
Princeton NJ 08544-1000 USA
Phone: (609) 258-6467

(PhD, University of Washington, 2008, Advisor: Yu Yuan)


I study geometric analysis. My thesis dealt with estimates for the Special Lagrangian equation. Since then I have studied some problems in optimal transportation. In general, I am interested in nonlinear elliptic PDE's, including 4th order problems.


Note: If you are looking for information regarding my undergraduate teaching, and you are a Princeton Student, please check Blackboard.
If you are looking to meet with me as placement officer, feel free to call me 609-258-6467. Also see Jennifer Johnson's page which might contain the information you are looking for.
My office hours for Complex Analysis are Monday, Thursday 10 - 11 am in 808 Fine Hall.