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Ma191b Section 7

Inequalities: A Journey Through Linear Analysis (Winter 2014)

http://www.math.caltech.edu/~2013-14/2term/ma191b-sec7/ (Instructor: Chris Marx)

LaTeX'd notes
1: Measure theory in a nutshell
2: Inequalities
3: Lp spaces
4: The Loomis-Whitney and GNS Inequalities
5: Maximal Inequalities
All LaTeX'd notes concatenated

Scanned notes [bookmarked]

Hahn-Banach theorem
Absolute continuity

Proceedings Paper
Polynomial Inequalities 1
Presentation notes

Todo: 3: Lp spaces pg.6 Remark (i) explain (use \mu({a}) = f(a) = 0 to get f\equiv0)
Replace pictures with Tikz drawings (have code already just need to copy in)

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